Why Fall and Winter are the Best Times for Vein Treatment

Varicose veins, spider veins, and a variety of other vein conditions are a source of discomfort for many people. They can impact a person both mentally and physically over time. Not only do vein disease sufferers experience physical symptoms, they can also feel the embarrassment and self-consciousness that can come along with the aesthetics of their legs in front of people. Consequently, many vein disease sufferers choose to cover up their unsightly legs with pants or stockings so as to not subject themselves to the potential for ridicule. You shouldn’t have to suffer with the pain and embarrassment that can be vein disease. This is why we are talking about why fall and winter are the best times to undergo vein treatments.

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Compression Stockings Are Better when the weather is cool

Compression stockings are quite useful in helping people find relief from the discomfort that can come with their vein issues. They provide a level of compression to the legs that helps to improve the venous circulation within the legs. Although compression stockings have definitely come a long way since the old granny look of old, many people still feel the embarrassment and the discomfort of wearing even fashionable stockings during the hotter times of the year. For many people, stockings of any color or design, just do not complement many of the dresses or shorts that people would like to wear during the summer months. This is why fall and winter are often ideal times of the year to undergo vein treatments. With the fall and winter months, you get colder temperatures. Colder temps mean long pants. If anything, the stockings now provide you with an additional layer of warmth from the skin piercing wind chills. Once the weather warms up, you should be done with your vein treatments and now have nothing to hide. Your legs will be healthy and beautiful for the summer.

Less sun exposure during treatment

When you undergo varicose and spider vein treatments, one of the potential side effects of treatment is a temporary discoloration to the skin in the treatment areas. Discoloration is possible in all people undergoing vein treatments but it can be exacerbated in people with darker skin and in those who have increased sun exposure especially during the treatment process. This is why most vein doctors instruct their patients to avoid excessive sun exposure during treatment. This is another reason why the colder months are a great time to undergo treatment. People are not usually looking to get a suntan outside when the temperature is below freezing. In contrast, during the spring and summer months when the temperatures are higher, people are looking to get that golden tan and are therefore more likely to expose their legs to the sun rays that can promote discoloration.

Avoid Pain and Irritation

For many people, as the weather gets colder, their level of daily activity also decreases. A decrease in activity is not good any time of year, but for the venous circulation, which relies on movement to help promote blood flow, this diminished activity only further exacerbates the discomfort and irritation that often comes along with having a dysfunctional venous circulation. Indeed, the summer months can also bring with it its fair share of pain and discomfort as a result of having varicose veins, but many people find that their increased level of activity during the summer months helps to mitigate any discomfort and symptoms that they might normally experience when they are less active. For this reason, the fall and winter months are a great time to pursue treatment for your vein issues. Treat your legs before your discomfort begins.

You Have Time to Heal Before Spring and Summer

When you undergo vein treatments, one of the potential side-effects is temporary bruising. This is why the colder months is a great time to undergo vein treatments. Cold weather means long pants, so even if you do bruise from a treatment, no one but your significant other will ever see them. Just another reason that the fall and winter months are ideal for vein treatments. You will have plenty of time to not just complete your treatments, but also heal before it is time to switch out those long pants for shorts and swim wear.

Interested in Receiving Vein Treatment?

If you’re finally ready to take the next step and have something done about the pain and discomfort in your legs, that is keeping you from living to your full potential, call STL Vein and Cosmetics today! Our staff of dedicated professionals are here to answer your questions and help find a non-surgical solution to your vein care needs. Browse our website at STLVeinandCosmetics.com or call to schedule your free consult at 314.842.1441. Help you and your legs live life to the fullest. Call Today!

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