Go See Your Doctors During The Covid-19 Pandemic

I hope that you and your family continue to remain safe and healthy. I am sure that all of you have been following the daily COVID-19 updates like we have been. Indeed, we are all experiencing an unprecedented time within the United States and the world. Hopefully an experience that all of us never have to live thru again in our lifetime. 

As we all follow the ever changing CDC and state guidelines regarding COVID-19, by wearing our masks in public, washing our hands and socially distancing ourselves in order to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, it is imperative that we all not forget to take care of our other pre-existing medical conditions. Remember, chronic medical conditions like hypertension, diabetes, and vascular disease, do not just go away because of a COVID pandemic. 

One of the growing concerns within the medical community is that with all of the focus being placed on the pandemic, physicians are finding that many individuals are putting off their routine healthcare in fear of contracting COVID within hospitals and medical clinics. In fact, within Missouri there has been over a 30% decrease in submitted prescriptions used to treat chronic medical conditions like diabetes and coronary artery disease. This is why there has also been a noticeable increase in deaths reported by first responders upon arrival at homes. These people did not die from COVID, but from the pre-existing chronic medical conditions that they possessed even prior to the pandemic. These people, unfortunately, died needlessly as a result of not wanting to go see their physicians in fear of contracting COVID-19, when in fact, they may actually still be alive if they had gone to see their doctors. As I mentioned before, medical problems do not go away just because there is a pandemic.

Varicose vein disease, like hypertension, diabetes and peripheral artery disease, are all chronic medical condition. Vein disease needs to be monitored just like any other chronic condition. It is important to point out that despite the “cosmetic” label that has being perpetuated out in the communities for years, vein disease is in fact a chronic venous circulation disorder. A condition that should be monitored periodically in order to keep the venous circulation healthy. This is why we always ask our patients to follow up for periodic checks in order to monitor and correct if needed the venous circulation within their legs. So, if you have ropey veins, spider veins, or just find that your legs are becoming increasingly heavy, uncomfortable or even painful, you probably have vein issues that are impacting your venous circulation. You have a chronic medical condition. It is a condition that requires evaluation, possible treatment and/or at a minimum some level of monitoring and cared in order to keep the venous circulation healthy.

That said, if you have not had your vein issues checked for some time, STL Vein and Cosmetics can help care for your vein issues. Please give our offices a call at 314.842.1441 to schedule your check up today. If you are noticing any swelling or discomfort or any other issues in your legs, it is time to take care of it before your symptoms get worse.

In order to help maintain appropriate social distancing and allow for additional safety protocols for STL Vein and Cosmetics patients and staff, we also ask for your patience and potential flexibility in adjusting appointment times.

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