Limelight Laser Treatment

The Limelight laser treatment is a state of the art laser technology developed to help eliminate those signs of sun damage that we all eventually see over time. Whether it’s those brown spots or the redness (rosacea) in your skin that make you cringe, the limelight treatment has been developed for you. This treatment not only helps to get rid of those unsightly red and brown spots, it also helps to rejuvenate the skin tone and minimize many other imperfections on the skin that result from long-term sun exposure. The procedure is safe not only for the face but also for almost any other part of the body where sun damage is commonly seen. The treatment is customized to your specific skin type and pigmentation.

Although it is natural for all of us to experience skin changes as we age, that does not have to mean that we have to age gracefully. If you the way your skin looks annoys you, or if you are looking for a way to control your rosacea, the limelight treatment may be perfect for you. Call STL Vein and Cosmetics to schedule your free consultation today to see what we can do for you.

What does the Treatment Do?

The Limelight procedure delivers light energy directly to the red or brown area on the skin. The energy is subsequently absorbed by the pigmented cells that cause the unsightly spots. The cells and dermis will heat up causing the pigmented cells to ultimately start to break apart. The result is a gradual fading of these ugly spots as these pigmented cells are eliminated. An added benefit to the heat caused by the procedure is that the heat will also not only stimulate collagen regrowth to help tone the skin, but it also applies heat to the surface capillaries that give many people their reddish skin. It is this heat that ultimately minimizes these surface capillaries. The result is a more even and smooth overall complexion.

What Areas can be Treated?

Limelight is an extremely versatile IPL procedure. It can literally be used on essentially any part of your body with an uneven skin complexion. Any areas of sun damage or diffuse redness can all be treated safely. The most common areas where our clients seek help are with their face, chest, shoulders and arms. These are the most common areas for sun damage. Ugly brown spots and excessive freckles also respond well to the limelight treatment.

Does the Limelight treatment hurt?

The procedure will deliver a pulse of light energy to the treatment area. Each pulse will result in a mild yet brief pinching sensation reminiscent of a warm rubber band hitting the skin. Following the treatment, you are able to return to your normal daily activities but should avoid excessive sunlight and wear sunscreen for at least 24 hours after the treatment when participating in outdoor activities.

How Many Treatments will I Need?

Normally only 1-2 treatments are required to see a significant result. Additional treatments may be required when treating larger or darker spots or freckles or in those with extensive sun damage. Every client will or can be different as everyone’s skin is unique. The staff at STL Vein and Cosmetics is there to answer your questions.

What are the Possible Side Effects?

Limelight is an extremely safe procedure with few reports of post-treatment issues or side effects. The most common is the development of a slight redness arising a few hours after the treatment.

What Happens post-Treatment?

Following a limelight treatment, the hyperpigmented areas will begin to darken. Some people with lighter complexions may also develop a mild redness to the skin within a few hours of the treatment. This redness normally resolves within a few hours. Over the next 2-3 weeks, the dark spots will start to fade and eventually flake off. Afterwards, you will see a healthier and more even complexion. Each individual treatment normally results in a subtle improvement that becomes more dramatic with additional treatments.

Don’t wait!

It is time to take care of you! Limelight is a fast, safe and non-invasive procedure that can help you re-capture your youthful look and complexion. Schedule your free limelight consultation today and learn how the staff at STL Vein and Cosmetics can help you turn back time.

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